Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter !!!

...... He is risen (continued from Friday) !!!

Today, we celebrate Christ's resurrection - Easter. It's not about hunting eggs or chocolate bunnies. There's nothing wrong with all that because it's good, clean fun for the kids. However, we cannot forget that God's plan of salvation for us was completed on this day with Christ's resurrection. He, and he alone, had the power to raise himself from the dead defeating death, Satan, and the grave for us. His awesome power gives us hope and shows us that there is NOTHING he cannot overcome. We just have to trust Him.

My regular blog readers have read my rantings since last July about Obama, his Czars, socialized medicine, national security, alleged global warming, U.S. politics, Tennessee politics, and other things that have ticked me off. But .... let's be honest - does any of that really matter in the grand scheme of things a.k.a. eternity ?? No. Not a bit. That being said, will I stop ranting ?? Probably not. However, I'll try to keep it all in perspective and I urge everyone else to do the same.

Happy Easter everyone !! Spend some time with family and friends celebrating what Christ accomplished for us many, many, many years ago.
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