Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review of Three Rivers 2nd episode

Three Rivers second episode aired this past Sunday night October 11. It is the new medical drama about life at a transplant hospital in Pittsburgh. The premiere got mixed reviews. I personally thought episode 2 was better and I graded it based on the following :
  1. truthfulness - for the most part I thought this episode was truthful and accurate. The only part where this could be questioned is where they transplant lungs from a donor killed in a car accident. These lungs were damaged in the accident and were given to a young girl who needed a double lung transplant. The rational of Dr. Vablonski in giving them to her was that she was gonna die without them and no other transplant center would take them because of the damage. Would this have been done in real life ?? I don't know but I guess it is possible considering that the damaged lungs were better than what she had. Grade - B.
  2. realism - overall, this episode was pretty realistic, too. However, it appeared that the mother of the donor from the car accident met the young girl mentioned earlier just days after the double-lung transplant. Normal protocol is for donor families and recipients not to meet until at least a year after the transplant. It is possible for them to meet earlier and it does happen but its not the norm. Grade - B.
  3. positive portrayal of organ donation - I thought CBS did very, very well in this area this week. The scene with the family care representative mentioning organ donation to the mother of the young man who was tragically killed in the car accident was done very, very well. The mother was treated curteously, compassionately, and with respect. In fact, she said that organ donation was something her son would want to do because he was always helping people. This was right on. Bravo CBS !! This is truly what organ donation is all about - helping others. CBS gets an A+ here.
BEST PART OF THIS EPISODE - Dr. Vablonski's treatment of his patients. He goes out of his way to help the young girl needing the double-lung transplant and is determined to not let her die. I have been blessed with doctors like this but know of people who have not. We need more Dr. Vablonski's today.

WORST PART OF THIS EPISODE - the storyline regarding the man who needs heart surgery and his relationship to his son. They have been estranged for several years but they begin healing their relationship. Unfortunately, the man has a massive stroke and dies. Don't get me wrong, I thought the whole reconciliation story and the way Dr. Vablonski cared for this man was great. However, what did it have to do with organ donation ?? Absolutely nothing. Should have been left out.

Overall, I'll give CBS a B+ for this week's episode. The show seems to be getting better. Let's hope it continues. As I said last week, if they get it right it can go a long way toward saving lives and that's what's most important. Episode 3 is this Sunday October 11th on CBS 9 P.M. eastern and 8 P.M. central.
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