Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloomberg may have broken Federal Law

By now, you've heard the report last week where New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hired and sent a team of "investigators" into the states of Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada. They went into seven gun shows in those states conducting an undercover investigation to see if gun dealers would sell guns to ineligible people without conducting a background check. You can see for yourself what they found on this video.

I will say that in this video Bloomberg lays out the gun laws accurately except for one thing - there is NO gun show loophole. Any time someone purchases a gun from a dealer they must first pass a background check. It does NOT matter whether the transaction is completed in the dealers store or at a gun show. However, private individuals can legally sell one of their own firearms at any time without conducting a background check. Once again, it does not matter where the transaction is completed. The so-called "gun-show loophole" is a term constantly thrown around by the liberal left anti-gunners to spin this issue in their favor.

Now let me tell you about Bloomberg. He is one of the most anti-Second Amendment mayors in the country. He has a well-established record of wanting to snuff out the Second Amendment rights of Americans and he will stop at nothing to do it. When he says, "this is not about the Second Amendment," he's lying. Just to own a gun in New York City, you have to go through a ton of bureaucratic red tape to get a license before you can purchase a firearm. If someone is threatening you, they may assault or kill you before your license ever gets through the bureaucracy and you purchase the firearm for self-defense. In this video, Bloomberg repeatedly says "... the dealers broke Federal law... ". He is correct. They did - some of them. However, guess what - he and his "investigators" may have also broken Federal gun law. How ?? The Gun Control Act of 1968 section 922 (a)(3) states the following - "It shall be unlawful for any person other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector to transport into or receive in the State where he resides any firearm purchased or otherwise obtained by such person outside that State ...". The only exception is if the firearm in bequeathed to you. In other words, a person cannot leave their state of residence, go into another state, purchase a firearm, and then bring that firearm back into their state of residence. This only applies to handguns. Therefore, when Bloomberg's goons went into those three states and purchased those firearms, if they took those guns back to New York, and they are New York residents, then they committed felonies. Simply put, the only state an individual can legally purchase a handgun in is their state of residence. So if Bloomberg's goons were all residents of the state of New York, then New York is the ONLY state they can LEGALLY purchase a handgun in. Since they were successful on 22 out of 33 attempts, according to the video, to purchase firearms, that's 22 counts of violating the 1968 Gun Control Act. They can be sentenced to five years per count plus thousands of dollars in fines.

If all of the "investigators" were New York residents as I suspect, then not only did the mayor's goons commit 22 felonies, but I believe he may have, also. Even though I am not a lawyer, I suspect that Bloomberg himself is guilty of being an accessory and maybe of some sort of conspiracy. The Attorney Generals of Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder need to send Bloomberg and his goons a strong message by prosecuting them to the fullest extent of Federal and the applicable states' laws. However, don't expect Holder to lift a finger since he was Janet Reno's assistant during the anti-gun Clinton Administration. Lastly, before Bloomberg goes running around the country playing gun-cop and making accusations about violations of gun laws found during his "stings", he should learn the laws and keep his own nose clean first. Otherwise, he might be the one spending the time in prison.
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Another case of the total arogance of these guys.

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