Thursday, February 2, 2012

Researchers Developing New Transplant Drug

Wow, it's hard to believe February 2012 is here, and it will be a special month here on The Sheepdog's blog. I am dedicating the entire month to celebrating the 5-Year Anniversary of my heart transplant. It will be five years to the very day on the 21st. I will cap the month off on Monday the 27th with my big announcement about the "project" I have been working on for the last six months. I hope everyone will check in regularly to celebrate with me.

Today, I want to start the month off with some good news for transplant recipients, including yours truly. The other day I ran across an article telling about a new anti-rejection medication that researchers in the United Kingdom are developing. It is basically a form of cyclosporine (CsA), which us transplant recipients are already closely familiar with, but it is delivered to the body via nanoparticles which keep the level of the cyclosporine in the body relatively constant. The good thing about this new "nanoparticle delivery system" is by keeping the CsA levels constant in the bloodstream it reduces the risk of the drug's harmful side effects. Those side effects can include elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, kidney damage, and liver damage. If the research proves successful, it will be a big win for us transplant recipients.

And, I like winning ... a lot.

Source : article titled Scientist Develop New System to Deliver Organ Transplant Drug Without Harmful Side Effects

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