Friday, February 24, 2012

California Agency #1 in Organ Donation

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During the first three quarters of 2011, Sierra Donor Services based in Sacramento, CA was the number one ranked organ procurement organization (OPO) in the U.S. Nationally, OPO's averaged recovering 3.13 organs per donor during that time period, while Sierra Donor Services averaged 3.78. Additionally, the organization recovered 243 organs for transplant last year which was up 65% from the previous year.

Sierra Donor Services serves Northern California and Northern Nevada. They are obviously making a difference in their community. My hats off to them. Keep up the good work guys !!

P.S. Monday will be The Sheepdog's 500th post !! It will not be a Music Monday. Instead, The Sheepdog will mark that milestone by making the "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT." It's been 6 months in the making, so don't miss it.

Source : article titled Sacramento Area Donor Agency Leads Nation in Organ Recovery
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