Monday, February 13, 2012

"Who Will You Run To" when you're ..... "Alone" ?

Today is week 2 of my "Heart Month" Music Mondays and 5-Year Heart Transplant Anniversary Celebration. Plus, since it's the 2nd Monday of the month, it's time for a "double shot" of Heart. The two videos featured today are singles from the band's 1987 album titled Bad Animals. One of them was a #1 hit, and the other is my all-time favorite song from the band.

The first video, and my favorite of Heart's, is of the single "Who Will You Run To ?" I liked the song from the very first time I heard it. It's just a good, fast tempo rock song. Plus, Ann Wilson's vocals create a bit of a work of art with this song. She puts a lot of emotion into it allowing you to feel the anger of a woman scorned. However, if you are a Heart fan, you know that much of Heart's music is driven by emotion. The Wilson Sisters have been successfully making music that way their entire career. The video is embedded below in this blog post or you can watch it by clicking here. I think the "bad animal" graphics contained therein are a nice touch, too.

The second video today is of Heart's single "Alone." "Alone" was the second #1 single of the band's career. It reached #1 in July 1987 and remained there for three weeks. "Alone" is typical of most '80s ballads. It starts off with a slow, fairly quiet intro, and then turns into a power ballad when the guitars and drums join in for the chorus. It was likely the biggest hit of Heart's career. In fact, the band has not had a #1 song since "Alone."

I've embedded the video below in this blog post, or you can watch it by clicking here. Enjoy. We've got one more week of "Heart Month" Music Mondays, and then the BIG announcement will follow on Monday the 27th.

Just like last Monday's "Stranded" post, these songs got me to thinking about what I'm celebrating this month and where I've come from in the last five years. It also got me to thinking about the 112,000+ Americans who are currently feeling "Alone" and needing someone or somewhere to run to. I count my blessings everyday and don't take them for granted. I hope and pray that one day each of those 112,000+ get the same "second chance" I got. 
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