Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shocked and Awed

The Hawaii state seal.
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I'll have to admit that when I first read this story, I found it extremely hard to believe, since it was about politicians doing the right thing. In fact, I had to read it multiple times to make sure I read it correctly. However, it is true, and I'm "shocked."

Recently, Republicans and Democrats, including the Governor and members of the Hawaii State House of Representatives and State Senate, put aside their partisan differences and voted in favor of a bill that put the welfare of the people of Hawaii first, because, to paraphrase Hawaii Governor Abercrombie, it was what the people wanted. WOW !! What a novel idea - public servants doing the right thing because it's what the people want. It leaves me in "awe" of Hawaii's citizenry. You can watch the full TV news report of the story below, or you can both read the text of the story and watch the video by clicking here.

I know some politicians in both Nashville, TN and Washington D.C. that could learn a few things from these guys. I wonder if the people of Hawaii would be willing to share them ?

Source : story on titled Governor Abercrombie Signs Organ Transplant Funding Bill Into Law
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