Monday, January 16, 2012

"Stoned" on Music Monday

First of all, let to apologize to my readers and e-mail recipients for the fact that today's Music Monday didn't post early this morning. The Sheepdog had some technical difficulties. I'll do better next Monday. That being said, let's get to today's music.

After starting off 2012's Music Mondays with metal bands, I decided to mix it up a bit today with a different genre and by featuring a band that has not appeared on my Music Mondays before. At times, this band has been a little controversial, but they have continued to make good music since they formed back in 1962. Sometimes, they are referred to as "The Kings of Rock N Roll" due to their longevity in the business and the influence they've had on so many other musical artists. They are none other than The Rolling Stones.

April will mark 50 years The Stones have been making music together. As their career stretched into the '70s, then the '80s, and on into the '90s and beyond, there were subtle changes to their sound each decade. Their music was always flexible in adapting to the times as their talent continued to grow. Those two things together may be the secret to their five decades of success.

The song and video feature today is "Between A Rock and A Hard Place" from their 1989 album Steel Wheels. The video is embedded in this post for your convenience, or you can watch it by clicking here. Enjoy but be warned - your feet may get a little happy during this tune.

P.S. Let me add a bit of humor here - as I was testing this post, my wife was listening and said, "That's a perfect description of this election year." You know what ? She's absolutely right, and that's kinda sad.
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