Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chris Matthews Compares Politics to Transplants

I am not a fan of MSNBC's Chris Matthews, nor I am a Mitt Romney supporter. Furthermore, I have not followed the Republican 2012 Presidential Candidates with as much interest as I have in previous elections, either. I think the entire current crop is poor, to say the least. I doubt I'll vote for any of them, but that's another story for another day.

Usually, my only beef with Matthews is his Liberal, lefty viewpoints which border on Socialist ideology. While I don't agree with or like them, I can live with them because Matthews has a right to voice his opinion just as I have a right to voice, and do frequently, my own conservative viewpoint. However, when recently reporting and commenting on the results of the Republican Iowa Caucus, Matthews stepped over the line. He went on record as comparing Mitt Romney's failure to connect to the conservative base of the GOP to the human body rejecting an organ transplant. I know it's hard to believe that someone would stoop to that level, but he did. You can see it for yourself by watching the video below or you can click here.

I'm not really surprised Matthews would do something like this. If you watch MSNBC much, you've seen and heard his knuckleheaded comments before, but with these recent statements, he has stooped to a new low. For him to compare politics, which is full of corruption and scummy candidates, to the life-saving and life-improving miracle of organ and tissue transplantation, either shows his complete ignorance or is more proof that he is a complete scumbag. I'll let you make that determination for yourself. However, as a heart transplant recipient, I am pissed and highly offended. In my opinion, his comments diminish the priceless, life-saving gifts that donors and their families freely give to thousands of Americans every year. Both he and MSNBC should be ashamed.

Matthews and the network need to offer an immediate apology to the organ donation community. In addition, Matthews needs to be fired. If that doesn't happen, then perhaps the organ donation community should consider boycotting both MSNBC and its parent company NBC.

The wolves are among us.

Source : article "Chris Matthews Mitt Romney to Failed Organ Transplant"
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