Friday, May 20, 2011

Shooting game for iPhone and Android

androidImage by osde8info via FlickrI ran across the below article (see for screen shots) on a few weeks ago. If you're a gun enthusiast and video game junkie, it might be worth checking out. The game is called "Reload" and it offers target shooting as well as realistic self-defense and other tactical situations. There are different stages and skill levels. "Reload" even offers your choice of realistic firearms to choose from, such as the Desert Eagle and a host of different Remingtons.

The game is currently available for the iPhone and will be released for Android phones soon. The price is only about three bucks, so it's worth a look. Just be careful where you play it at. You don't want to offend any anti-gunners. Or, ....... do you ?? article: Reload Shooting Simulator Game Now Available for iPhone (and soon for Android)
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