Monday, May 23, 2011

"Anybody Listening ?"

Today is week 4 in May's Music Monday's featuring the band Queensryche (pronounced Queens-rike). We'll look at the song "Anybody Listening ?" The song is on the band's 1990 album Empire and is one of the band's songs with a message or theme.

I want to encourage everyone to watch the video, carefully listen to, and even read the song's lyrics. I believe they are very relevant to today. Many things are going on in our world. The pundits and experts continue to tell us we need to be paying attention to what's going. Some say we're trouble. Some say we're not. Who do we believe ? The song asks if we're just accepting what our leaders, the media, and others are telling us. Or, in the words of Glenn Beck, are we "doing our own homework" and verifying what we are told ? Are we thinking for ourselves and reading between the lines ? Worse yet, are we allowing ourselves to just be spoon fed as we watch the things we value slip away ?

These are all questions we have to answer individually. I want to encourage you to spend some time with this song today, think about what it's saying, and truthfully answer the questions above. Then, if you discover you need to make some changes, do so. It could change you for the better.

We will wrap this series up next Monday on Memorial Day.
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