Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Massachusetts State Representative steps up to help save lives

The Massachusetts State-house in Boston, Massa...Image by fcb981 via WikipediaWe very seldom see elected officials doing anything positive anymore. They're normally too busy playing politics and seeking campaign donations in order to get re-elected. Most of them have forgotten what the term "public servant" actually means. Today's story, however, is about one public official who is trying to make a difference in a positive way - he's trying to save lives.

Last month, as part of Donate Life Month, Donate Life New England held Donate Life Day at the Massachusetts State Capitol. At the event, Massachusetts State Representative George Ross and several of his fellow representatives registered as organ donors. They were surprised to learn of the large number of their state's residents that need organ transplants.

Rep. Ross said that he decided to become an organ donor because, "... I could possibly be instrumental in saving someone's life." He encouraged others to register, too. I'm wondering if we can find a few more "public servants" like Rep. Ross out there somewhere. This country could sure use a few more like him.

Source : article titled Rep. George Ross Wants You to Join Him in Becoming an Organ Donor 

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