Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday in "Jet City"

Today is the third week of my Queensryche (pronounced Queens-rike) Music Mondays. The featured song and video is the band's hit "Jet City Woman" from their Empire album of 1990. The video (click here to watch) and lyrics to the song is about the wife, a flight attendant, of the band's lead singer, Geoff Tate. The song tells the story of him missing her while away from Seattle (the "Jet City") on tour.

I have two more Music Mondays (the 23rd and 30th) planned for the Queensryche series. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, many of the songs on Empire have a message or theme. The next two Mondays will feature songs that do just that. In the meantime, enjoy this one. 

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