Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Rainy Music Monday

The Sheepdog's May Music Mondays will be a little different. All the music videos will be from the same artist. The artist will be Queensryche, and I'll highlight their 1990 album Empire.

Queensryche released Empire in August of 1990 after recording it in May of that year. That's 21 years ago this spring. It quickly became the band's best selling album to date and several singles from the album received substantial airplay on the radio, VH1, and MTV. The album even earned Queensryche a Grammy nomination.

I'm gonna kick off the month's worth of Queensryche with a double shot of the band's music from Empire. Since, the weather today here in Tennessee is rainy and dreary, I'll start it with "Another Rainy Night." Then, since a day like today often makes a person feel droopy and in need of a nap, I'll follow it up with the only number one song from Empire - "Silent Lucidity" which is a song about dreams.

Some of you may have never heard of Queensryche. So, May will provide an opportunity to familiarize yourself with not only a different band but also a new genre of music as well. Queensryche is often described as "Progressive Metal," and it's music often contains a message. If you listen carefully to the lyrics as we go through the month, the messages in some of the songs will become apparent. Enjoy.

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