Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scammed Beavers

Recently, both The Lebanon Democrat and WSMV-TV (Nashville, TN) reported that the e-mail account of newly re-elected Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers was hacked. Apparently, the hacker / scammer sent e-mails to Beavers contacts claiming she was stranded in England and needed funds to get home because someone had stolen her purse. Over the years, others have been victimized by this scam, also. Furthermore, according to the reports, the "hacking" has Beavers so "hacked off" that she plans on having the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) look into it.

In my opinion, the alleged guilty hacker / scammer missed an opportunity. He or she made a tactical error by not doing their homework thoroughly. They should have learned more about their mark before running the scam. If they had, they could have greatly increased their odds for success and maximized "revenue potential." I mean, think about it for a second. We know politicians are often not thought of very highly. So, instead of asking for funds to get Beavers home, why not say something like "send money to cover my living expenses and I'll stay." Or, they could have asked for her per diem check to be forwarded there. We know how from one of my earlier posts that Beavers loves her per diem. I think they would have hit the jack pot if they had tried one of those ideas. It would have been like hitting Triple-7s on a slot machine in Vegas !!

Heck, I might have even been willing to make a contribution to keep her over there.
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