Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atrocity in the U.S. - politicians killing transplant patients !!

Jan BrewerSeveral weeks ago, Conservatives and others were singing the praises of the Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer (pictured right). Arizona had just passed their new immigration bill and several other states were considering passing one like it. Brewer stood up to the Obama Administration's threats of a lawsuit over the bill by basically telling them to "bring in on." Now, Brewer has gone from a hero to a big fat zero. As you read the rest of this story, I want to encourage you to click on and read every story linked to and watch the video, also. Every American needs to know this information because it or something similar will eventually happen in your state if something is not done. Mark my words.

My regular blog readers know from my earlier posts on ObamaCare that I was wholeheartedly against it. The biggest reason is because in countries, such as Canada and England, where socialized medicine is currently being practiced that rationing and denial of care occurs as the cost of the program increases. In fact, in my July 16, 2009 post titled "Health Reform", I made the following prediction :
The government will begin rationing care at some point to try to lower costs leading to them deciding who gets treatment and who doesn't. It already happens in Canada and England. Basically, they play God deciding who lives and who dies.
Unfortunately, ObamaCare has not even taken effect yet and it is already happening. People said Sarah Palin was crazy when she said ObamaCare would lead to "death panels." Well, it now appears that she wasn't as crazy as they thought. The State of Arizona Medicaid progam is broke so they are denying coverage for life-saving organ transplants and allowing their sickest residents to suffer and die. In a memo dated September 30, 2010 from the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, it states that effective October 1, 2010 pancreas, lung, bone marrow, liver, and heart "transplants will not be covered for people 21 years or older." It's hard to believe it's happening in the U.S., but it is and it's happening if you're only 21. Just imagine how the elderly will be treated one day.

An article, BrewerCare - Death by Budget Cut on, tells that the cut to Arizona's Medicaid transplant funding amounted to only $1.4 Million. However, it means that 100 Arizonians needing life-saving transplants will NOT get them unless they can somehow raise the money to pay for them. Most of them are so sick they can't work. So, how are they gonna raise the funds ?? Here's the truly shocking part - the state has $2 Million in the budget for "algae research" and used $1.7 Million of federal stimulus money for roof renovations on the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Which is more important - peoples' lives or a roof on a coliseum ?? Save the lives - let the dang roof fall in and the algae research wait !! I'll bet that if they dug a little, they could find enough wasteful pork spending to cut out of the budget to cover the $1.4 Million needed, too. The Democrats in the state legislature have asked Brewer, a so-called Republican, to call a special legislative session to try to find a way to fund the transplant program. She has repeatedly refused. I thought the Republican Party was Pro-Life. Guess I was wrong. This is the first time in my life I can say I'm embarrassed and ashamed to have ever been a Republican.

The video in another story, Jan Brewer Budget Cuts Have Arizona Governor Under Fire, which ran on really puts a human face on the crisis. Please watch it here.

I am both saddened and angry by the news that the Arizona Government is denying its citizens who need life-saving transplants coverage for them and basically giving them a death sentence by allowing them to die. I can't help thinking "but for the grace of God go I." Rationing is a fact of life in socialized medicine and generally the most expensive care gets rationed first - i.e. transplants. I fear that it will not end in Arizona. It is only a matter of time before other states are effected by it. Once ObamaCare cranks up, it will eventually effect the whole country.

I will probably be attacked by folks on the Right and on the Left for what I am about to say. However, I'm gonna say it anyway because it needs to be said. For years, we have set on our "assets" and voted in politician after politician whom have no morals or ethics and no respect for the value or sanctity of human life. They have then appointed and confirmed judge after judge with none either. We have walked into the voting booth without researching the candidates and repeatedly re-elected the worst of the worst because they had the "R" or "D" by their name or gave us something. We Christians did it, too, and it has resulted in thousands of innocent, unborn babies being savagely murdered. Yes - I said it. Murdered - period. We've called it "choice" and even allowed some of it to be paid for by taxpayer dollars. Now, we are allowing politicians to sentence our sickest citizens to death and calling it "a budget cut." We don't have the money to take care of people who can't take care of themselves, but yet we spend millions upon millions of tax dollars on sports stadiums and other crap we don't need every year. Our priorities are completely screwed up. When are we as Americans gonna say "it ends now !!" When are we gonna have a reverence, a respect, and some honor for the value and sanctity of human life ?? Who are we gonna let the politicians and judges kill next ?? Will it be the cancer patients ?? Or, the diabetics ?? Or, the elderly ?? People, we have blood on our hands. If we don't stop playing politics and stand up for what's right and reject what's wrong, one day Almighty God is gonna judge this country swiftly and thoroughly because we didn't protect human life. It is not of a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Furthermore, we have no one to blame but ourselves because we put the jokers in power who have done it. We, as a country, need to get back to praying, turn back to Him, and get our freakin' priorities back in order. One precious life has already been lost thanks to Brewer's transplant cut. If I were a family member, the state would have already been sued in hopes that it didn't happen to someone else. How many more have to die before Arizonians and Americans everywhere rise up and say, "we're not gonna take it anymore ??"

I'm waiting for your answer. And yes, this Sheepdog is pissed !!

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Bob Aronson said...

While you and I may have some minor political differences I will stand by your side on this one. I have said many times, you don't solve budget problems by killing your citizens.

I am pleased to join with you in this effor to Save the Arizona 98. We have two choices, 1) get the legislature and the Governor of Arizona to reverse this monstrous decision and 2) in case they don't reverse it, we've got to raise the money for these people. We can't guarantee they'll get an organ but we sure as hell can work to help them be able to afford one.