Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Save Arizona's Transplant Patients

A sunset in the Arizona desert near Scottsdale...Today, I'm following up on the post from the other day titled Atrocity in the U.S. - politicians killing transplant patients !! I ran across the blog, Bob's New Heart, of a fellow heart recipient whom has become a great advocate for Arizona's transplant patients. As you remember from my post, Arizona has cut out Medicaid funding for life-saving organ transplants which has amounted to a death sentence for about 100 of it's sickest residents. However, Bob Aronson is trying to help them.

Bob has setup a Facebook group, Organ Transplant Initiative, to help advocate for the transplant funding to be added back to the state's Medicaid program. He has also setup a website called The purpose of the website is to raise money selling T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. to pay for these folks' transplants if the funding is not re-established by the state of Arizona. The profits are then contributed to the National Transplant Assistance Fund.

Hopefully, Gov. Brewer and the Arizona legislature will see the error of their ways and re-fund the transplant funding for the state's Medicaid program. However, if it doesn't, this fundraising effort may be these folks only hope of being able to pay for their transplants. Furthermore, I have posted the link to Bob's blog in my "Blog List" if you would like to continue to follow the plight of Arizona's transplant patients. Plus, under my "Transplant Links," I have placed the links to Save the Arizona 98 and the National Transplant Assistance Fund if you feel led to help out.

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