Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 brings changes to The Sheepdog

2011 is almost here, and I for one am glad to see 2010 slowly slide off into history. It wasn't the best of years for me, and 2011 shows promise, and I'm ready to get started with it.

With the start of 2011, you will notice some major changes here at The Second Chance Sheepdog. During the last six months of 2010, the blog became too politically focused. In 2011, the focus will shift back toward promoting organ and tissue donation as I had originally planned for the blog. I will still blog about political issues some, but politics will not be the focus anymore. Those days are gone.

In 2011, each weekday will have a theme. There will be :
  • Music Mondays - Mondays are usually a drag for most of us. We either have to go back to school or work. So, in 2011, The Sheepdog will start the week off with something fun - music. I grew up during the MTV era of the '80s. Therefore, the primary focus of Music Mondays will be to take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of the great music from that era via music video. I'll also mix in some concert announcements from your favorite artists, album release announcements, and some album reviews. However, I'll highlight more than just '80s music. I mix in some from the early '90s and some contemporary Christian along the way. Unfortunately, for my friends in Music City, you will not see much, if any, country highlighted here. The Sheepdog's a rocker, not a "twanger." Sorry.
  • Transplant Tuesdays and Thursdays - Each Tuesday and Thursday will be devoted to organ and tissue transplant advocacy. I'll post articles about people who have received transplants, transplant innovations, and other transplant related stories. Plus, if some nimrod politician pulls some sort of stunt that is detrimental to transplant patients, such as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did recently, you'll hear about it here, too.
  • Wild Wednesdays - Despite the name, Wild Wednesdays are not gonna be about partying. The "Wild" I'm talking about is like a "wild card" in a card game - it can be anything. So, Wild Wednesday can be about any subject - music, transplants, politics, sports, or might even be a joke.
  • Freedom and Firearm Fridays - Friday's will be the one day each week that we talk about politics. I may highlight a new piece of legislation that needs to be voted down or approved or discuss a political candidate. I'll do some articles on things involving firearms, too. These could be about legislation effecting the right to keep and bear arms, a new gun on the market, new ammo on the market, or some other shooting relating topic.
Lastly, I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. The Second Chance Sheepdog blog's new year and new format will start this coming Monday, January 3rd, with a music video from the band who opened the first rock concert I ever attended. I'm not gonna give any clues as to who it is. So, if you're curious as to which band, you'll just have to check back Monday to find out. Don't miss the new year on The Sheepdog. 

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