Monday, December 13, 2010

Palin's hunting lacked "Reality"

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on June 2, 2007.                                Image via WikipediaAs a fan of Sarah Palin, I have watched each episode of her Alaska reality TV show. In my opinion, the best parts have been the Alaskan scenery. She caught some flack over last week's episode where she went caribou hunting with her dad and a family friend. One member of the Liberal media accused her of killing animals for political gain. If that was so, why didn't they make the same claim about John Kerry's goose hunting trip during his presidential campaign ?? Was this just another case of there being different rules for Conservatives and Liberals ??

Being a hunter since I was a teenager, I looked forward to the episode with Palin's caribou hunt. However, as the hunt unfolded, I noticed it was less than "reality." For instance :
  • Palin was not carrying a firearm. How many hunters do you know that don't carry their own gun ??
  • Palin claims to have hunted her entire life. If so, why did her dad have to tell her when to shoot the caribou ?? Shouldn't she have known that ??
  • Gun safety was less than perfect. Palin shoots at the caribou, with her dad's gun, while it is standing on the top of a hill. She doesn't know what's on the other side, such as people, vehicles, buildings, etc. She shouldn't have taken the shoot. You can argue that it was safe because she was out in the middle of nowhere and did not have to worry about hitting anything unintentionally. However, that dog don't hunt (no pun intended), because proper gun safety must be applied at ALL times - no exceptions.
  • Palin shot at and missed the caribou four or five times because the scope's zero was off on her dad's gun. She finally hit it with the family friend's rifle. I do NOT carry a gun hunting until I am familiar with it and have checked the zero to verify its accuracy. You want to be able to put an animal down quickly and humanely. Plus, if I have to use it to defend myself against a bear, coyote, etc., I want to put them down even QUICKER !! I ain't getting bitten and mauled. Plus, it seemed that Palin didn't even know how to load the gun she was using. It was very puzzling.
Palin is doing one of two things with this show. First, she is trying to promote tourism in Alaska, or two, she is indeed planning on running for president, and is trying to connect with voters to show that she is "real." She has claimed to be a longtime hunter and shooter, but based on her TV hunting trip, it didn't appear to me that she had much hunting experience. Does it effect my opinion of her ? No, not really. I think she is a much needed breath of "non-elitist" fresh air that the American political landscape has needed for years. However, if I was one of her advisers, I would tell her that next time she goes on a televised hunting trip to make sure she looks like she knows what she's doing. Some don't think hunters are very bright, but if you try to snow us, we'll figure it out every time. Just ask John Kerry.

P.S. Since I picked on Palin's hunting episode, I should also take the time to brag on her in regards to "the camping trip" episode which aired last night, December 12th. During the "bear defense training," she handled the 12-gauge shotgun loaded with 3-inch magnum shells like a real trooper. Those things kick the crap out of you, but she hung in there and put 'em in the bulls eye each time. Let me put this way - If I'm a grizzly bear, and she tells me to leave ...... she won't have to tell me twice. I'm outta there !!

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