Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Price of ObamaCare "yes" vote - $300 million

How much does a "yea" vote for ObamaCare cost ?? According to Fox News, it's $100 Million (click here to read article) or $300 Million (click to read article). That's what Senator Mary Landrieu (D - LA) (pictured left) received for her "yea" vote for opening up debate on ObamaCare in the Senate. The funds are supposedly additional funding for Louisiana's Medicaid program. However, until she locked down these millions, she was undecided and reportedly leaning toward "nay." Funny how she suddenly made up her mind when a multi-million dollar payout for her constituents became available. Sounds like she'll do anything to get re-elected. She did say, though, that just because she voted in favor of beginning debate, it doesn't mean she will definitely vote for passage of the final bill. That's like saying that just because you sit a beer in front of Joe Biden, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll definitely drink it.

The incident just goes to show how corrupt Washington has become. If I remember right, offering a public official an "incentive" for voting a particular way is illegal. In fact, where I come from it would be called a BRIBE. Usually, a public official who accepts an "incentive" a.k.a. bribe, usually goes to jail. But, maybe the rules are different in D.C. I mean the Obama Administration has basically done whatever it wants to this point - i.e. appointing over 30 Czars (for which there is no Constitutional authority), taken over banks (for which there is no Constitutional authority), taken over car companies and fired their CEO's (for which there is no Constitutional authority), and completely ignored the bankruptcy law's rules of priority for creditors in the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies to payoff ... oops, I mean ... to make the UAW happy.

So what's a little bribery ?? I mean, I'm just asking.
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Dale said...

there you go again. She is just looking after her constituants (wink wink) like any honest polititian.
da ole biker Dale -- enjoying a Recycled Life -- Thanks Taylor
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Bubba said...

Joe Biden drinks ?? Surely not. I guess you would too if you had to cover Obama's a#$ all day.

Anonymous said...

Considering she is from Louisiana, why should this be surprising!!!