Monday, December 14, 2009

The "Czar-castic" Carol Browner, Energy and Environment Czar

Our czar for the day is Ms. Socialist a.k.a. Carol Browner, Energy and Environment Czar. Her "official" title is Director of White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy. In the Clinton Adminstration she ran the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and her current duties are to coordinate energy and climate policy by emphasizing conservation and regulation.

Why have I referred to her as "Ms. Socialist" you might ask ?? Well, consider the following :
  1. Up until a few weeks before Obama's inauguration, her name was listed on the website of the Socialist International as one of the leaders of it's Commission for a Sustainable Society. The group has been extremely critical of many U.S. policies. Surprise, surprise. I wonder if they were one of the sponsors of Obama's Apology Tour. The group supports a global government and says that wealthy nations need to shrink their economies to reduce global warming. I believe this is what is meant by "re-distribution of wealth."
  2. She served on the board of John Podesta's Center for American Progress (CAP) which is closely connected to George Soros. CAP is one of the most liberal-leaning organizations in the country and is primarily funded by Soros who is known for supporting socialist groups and agendas across the globe. (Take a moment and Google Center for Amrican Progress and then George Soros. It ain't gonna be pretty.)
  3. She served on the board of the Alliance for Climate Protection that was founded by Al "I created the Internet" Gore. News reports in recent days say that the science behind global warming may have been doctored and fraudulent. If it proves fraudulent, it would make Al Gore the biggest con-man in history.
Check out this Fox News video on Browner.

There has been some other controversey surrounding her, too. She has advocated for the government being able to regulate what homes and businesses set their thermostats on. In other words, if you like to set your home on 70 degrees in the summer, the government could mandate that it cannot be set any lower than 80 to "save energy." Plus, during negotiations with the auto industry concerning auto emissions levels, she instructed them "... to put nothing in writing." Sounds like somone had something to hide. The question is what ??

Just like with the other czars, I ask, what is this person doing in the White House shaping policy ?? The Obama Adminstration continually denies they are surrounding themselves with and trying to implement socialist and marxist policies. However, the evidence is beginning to prove otherwise.

Tomorrow, we'll take our last detailed look at an Obama czar. His name is Kevin Jennings, Safe Schools Czar. His title is a complete oxymoron. You'll be disgusted when you find out why tomorrow.

Sources : Glenn Beck, Fox News, NewsMax
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