Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Czars Are Falling !!

Uh -oh ..... Obama's Czars are falling !! On Saturday, September 5th, the first of Obama's 30-something Czars resigned. Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs a.k.a. Green Jobs Czar, resigned under pressure due to questions about past statements and associations as well as insults (to put it mildly) he voiced at Conservative Republicans in Congress.

The questioning of his past associations was primarily initiated by Glenn Beck ( It included statements made by Jones in 1992 when he was arrested during a protest of the Rodney King verdict. Jones said that the incident "... accelerated my radicalization" and that he was "... a rowdy nationalist." He later professed to being a communist ( The question is what was a self-proclaimed communist doing as an advisor to Obama ?? Is it because Obama and he share the same views ?? Or, was Obama's vetting process inadequate ?? Either way, there is NO Constitutional authority for any of Obama's Czars. They are not confirmed by the Senate nor do they answer to Congress. They all must go.

In my opinion, all Americans owe Glenn Beck a big, big thank you for exposing Jones. None of the other media outlets investigated him nor even seem to care. Back in the '80s, Kiss recorded a song titled "Tears Are Falling." Maybe someone should do a cover version titled "Czars Are Falling." Let's hope and pray Jones' resignation is only the beginning.
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