Friday, September 4, 2009

It's football time in Tennessee !!

College football season starts tomorrow, September 5th. The University of Tennessee (UT) opens a new era with a new head coach, Lane Kiffin, at home against Western Kentucky. UT has a lot of unknowns going into the season as to how successful they will be. The old regime is gone, thankfully, and a new day has dawned. In my opinion, UT fans need to be patient and give Coach Kiffin a few years to get HIS system inplemented and bring in a few of HIS recruiting classes. I think that once those two things happen, UT will be successful. However, it won't happen overnight and patience is the key. GO VOLS !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very conservative assesment. I predict UT will score at least 56 points today and WK might score one time. (I am writing this as I watch Georgia take on a tough Ok State team. Now, to be serious -- if all goes well and a little luck of the draw, UT will take it all in 20011

da ole biker Dale

david robart said...

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The Second Chance Sheepdog said...


Thanks for your comment. Typically, I would not have posted your comment, because it's basically spam. However, I allowed it this time, because it's possible my readers might find it useful.

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