Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama still doesn't get it ... or doesn't care.

I just finished watching Mr. Obama's nationally televised address regarding healthcare reform. For months, we have listened to constant bickering between him, the Senate, the Congress, and the special interests. However, after tonight it is obvious that none of them get it even after seeing and hearing the American people's outrage. Tonight, he said he has a new plan that will do the following :
  1. Require every American to have healthcare insurance.
  2. Require insurance companies to give you insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  3. Require every employer to offer health insurance coverage except for small businesses that fall below a certain size threshold.
  4. Make available a public option for any Americans that cannot afford health insurance.
  5. Cost about $900 Billion over 10 years.
Now, that's his "new" proposal. Here are the problems :
  1. It is unconstitutional to require Americans to have health insurance, employers to provide it, and health insurance companies to cover everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions. These requirements are an infringement upon Americans freedom of choice and upon the free market - period.
  2. If health insurance companies are required to insure people with pre-existing conditions, another problem is created. Due to increased costs and risk to the insurance companies, the premiums will be so high that Americans with chronic illnesses will be unable to afford them. The only way to solve this problem is to cap premiums which would also be an unconstitutional infringement upon the free market.
  3. Americans unable to afford insurance because of higher premiums related to pre-existing conditions (see #2 above) will be FORCED onto the public option. This will lead to the public option creating deficits and care being rationed just like was brought up in the broo-ha-ha over HR 3200.
  4. The country CANNOT afford another $900 Billion spending plan. It's already broke !!
Obama's newest plan simply does not cut it. It will ultimately lead to millions of Americans currently considered uninsurable being forced onto a low-quality public plan because they will not be able to afford the insurance offered them. Others have offered alternatives including removing the prohibition against selling health insurance across state lines. Mr. Obama, however, refuses to listen. Apparently, it's his way or the highway and I'm about ready to see him hit the highway. He has no idea what millions of Americans, like myself, who are considered uninsurable go through. His "new" plan does absolutely nothing for us.

Mr. Obama, that's strike two on healthcare.
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