Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No liberty, no security

Today, I'll share something that happened to me about a week ago that in my opinion is a perfect example of how our freedoms are being eroded today.

I went to the emergency room of one of the major hospitals in Nashville to visit a patient. When entering the ER, the first thing I encountered was a security checkpoint. Yes, a security checkpoint in a hospital ER complete with a metal detector and a lovely sign prohibiting firearms, knives, etc. You would have thought I was at Bethesda or Walter Reed and the President was there. Like most Southern boys, I carry a pocket knife most of the time and that day was no exception. I don't carry it as a weapon. It's a tool, a part of everyday life for me and thousands like me - that's it. I looked at Barney Fife ... oops, I mean the security guard and asked him if I had to return it to my vehicle, which was two blocks away due to lack of parking and construction, and he said yes because it's a weapon. I told him that was ridiculous and left.

The entire situation was nonsense. I'm sure the Liberals in the hospital would say it's for the safety of the patients and guests. I suspect it's because when a gang banger is shot in a drive-by and is transported there, they don't want his rivals walking into the ER with a weapon and finishing the job. Here's the problem with that logic - the criminals are NOT gonna obey any "NO WEAPONS" sign. That's why they are called criminals. The only people that obey such signs are law-abiding citizens, such as myself. That's why they are called law-abiding citizens. Criminals will carry weapons anytime, anyplace they want. They don't care about signs or laws. When you ban weapons, all you do is prevent innocent civilians from defending themselves.

Here's the most interesting part of the whole deal. Back in 1995, I went through the application process, the safety course and training, and was then issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon by the State of Tennessee. The permit is not for a knife or a club but for a FIREARM !! The State has deemed me fit and qualified to carry a firearm for protection but this hospital doesn't think I should be allowed to carry a POCKET KNIFE into their ER. Ludicrous !!

Is common sense completely gone in this country ?? I think the following quote by one of the country's Founding Father's, Benjamin Franklin (picture above), sums it up the best - "They who would give up essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

Amen. Enough said.
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