Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ronnie rolled over

President Ronald Reagan rolled over in his grave last week when Mr. Obama scrapped the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) a.k.a. "Star Wars" program that Reagan started in his first term as president. In fact Ronnie didn't just roll, he flipped over !! SDI was to be a missile defense shield to knock down Russian nuclear missiles in case of an attack on the U.S. or our allies in Europe. It was to be partially based on land in Europe and partially in outer space.

Obama has been cozying up to the Russians lately in hopes that they will help him deal with Iran's potential nuclear threat. The Russians have been pushing the U.S. to scrap SDI for years because they believe it is a threat to them. Now, Obama has given them exactly what they wanted even though the SDI was never intended to be an offensive weapon. It was only intended to be a defensive weapon. Furthermore, if you browse the internet, you will find that the Russians have and SDI-type system of their own. Mr. Obama, are the Russians gonna scrap theirs, too ?? I doubt it. Now the only defense we have against a nuclear attack from Russia or anyone else is to launch a counterattack of our own. That will only lead to total destruction of everyone. Nobody will win. The Russians are still a threat and now Obama has made us and our European Allies more vulnerable to nuclear attack in the future.

For eight months, Obama has done nothing but screw up. He hasn't made one good decision or instituted one good policy. He appears to be either completely incompetent or the rumors are correct and he is intentionally trying to destroy the U.S. I hate to think that the man who is supposed to be the leader of this country would do that. Unfortunately, nowadays anything is possible.
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Anonymous said...

Dream # one -- we vote in enough conservatives to control both houses.
Dream # two -- Oboma is impeached for failing to uphod the Constitution

da ole biker Dale -- enjoying a Recycled Life -- Thanks Taylor
Recycle Life - Eliminate death waiting for an organ.

Anonymous said...

Amen brothers! When is enough enough? American wake up if its not already to late.