Thursday, October 24, 2013

Super Bowl Champs, Tax Dollars, and ObamaCare

As if a Steelers fan needed another reason to hate the Baltimore Ravens, this Steelers fan and staunch conservative just found one. I'll call it reason number 47-2008 in "honor" of the Ravens latest Super Bowl victory (47) and Obama's initial win (2008) of the White House.

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I learned a few days ago that the Baltimore "Black Birds," as I like to call them, have received $130,000 in tax payer funds from their home state of Maryland to promote ObamaCare. The "Black Birds" will apparently use the funds to promote ObamaCare on their website and through other media.

Personally, I think its inappropriate at best and a disgrace at worst. It's ridiculous for a professional sports team to get paid government money to push propaganda. NFL teams and their owners make millions every year from TV contracts, ticket sales, advertising and promotional deals, concessions, parking, and team paraphernalia. Many NFL teams have had multi-million dollar stadiums built for them at taxpayer expense. The state of Maryland paying the Baltimore "Black Birds" to promote ObamaCare is a ridiculous waste of money. I hope the tax payers of Maryland hold their governor and state legislature accountable at election time.

I've objected before to politics infiltrating movies, music, and football (Bob Costas, I'm talking to you), and I'm objecting again. The leftist infiltration is ruining entertainment. I sure hope it doesn't ruin football, too. When I turn on a football game, I want a football game - not politics, whether Left or Right, and especially not ObamaCare propaganda.

When I first saw this story in my daily e-mail from Glenn Beck's the other day, it aggravated me, made me dislike the "Black Birds" even more, and caused me to enjoy this past Sunday's 19-16 Steelers victory over the Baltimore "Black Birds" just a little bit more.

Go Steelers!! The Ravens suck!!

Source - article titled "New Documents Reveal This NFL Team Was Paid $130K to Promote Obamacare" 
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