Monday, October 7, 2013

Rock-tober - Week 1

Slaughter performing live on June 21, 2008 in ...
Slaughter performing live on June 21, 2008 in West Fargo, North Dakota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wow - it's hard to believe it is already October 2013. The year has flown by. However, October also means it's time for something else and that's  ..... ROCK-TOBER!! So, we'll celebrate on Mondays this entire month. I won't waste waste any time - let's get Music Mondays cranked back up.

For the first Music Monday in Rock-tober 2013, I'm going back to 1990 to feature an extremely popular power ballad from the record titled Stick It To Ya recorded by the band Slaughter. Slaughter was one of the last of the "hair metal bands" of the '80s to break out, but when they did, they did so with a bang. Three singles from Stick It To Ya charted, with today's feature being the most successful.

I remember Slaughter taking a little heat for their name, at first. However, the band's name had nothing to do with violence. It was simply the last name of the band's lead singer and founder, Mark Slaughter.

Today's video is of the band's hit single "Fly to the Angels." It's a great song, and the power ballads that came out of the '80 are still some of my favorite music. "Fly To The Angels" has not only a "hair metal" flavor, but it also seems to contain a little blues seasoning within it, too. I hope everyone enjoys. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Get the hair spray out.

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