Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday with Aerosmith

Today's Music Monday is one that I postponed last month. My regular readers may remember that on the second Monday in April I shared that I had planned and prepared a "double shot" post for that day and then decided to go in a different direction. Today's Music Monday is that postponed post.

Aerosmith is one of the bands that haven't appeared on The Sheepdog's Music Mondays ... until now. The first video for today is of the only number one single of Aerosmith's career - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." The interesting thing about the song is that it debuted at number one even though it wasn't recorded for one of the band's many albums. Instead, it was recorded for the 1998 movie Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis, and contains a significant amount of footage from the film. The music video won the MTV Music Video Award for Best Video from a Film. It can be watched by clicking here or it's embedded below in this blog post.

Today's second Aerosmith video is my favorite of the band's - "What It Takes." It's a great song with an entertaining video. When it concludes, you could probably say that you went to watch a music video and a hockey game broke out. Puzzled ? Watch the video and it'll make sense. It's available by clicking here or it's embedded below in this blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Rock on, Sheepdog ... Rock on!! (Good post, good music)

The Second Chance Sheepdog said...

Always, Heartbeat.