Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Column - Dale Flowers


One of the most ridiculous endeavors and wastes of human energy is to engage in prejudicial thinking. The only person that it injures more than the object of the prejudice is the person who demonstrates prejudice. I grew up in a time period when prejudice was rampant. It hasn’t changed.  Politicians use it constantly to win votes. Already in the Presidential election we are seeing it used. It comes under the disguise of  “rich vs. poor”, “educated vs. uneducated”, “agricultural cultures vs. industrial cultures”, “regions vs. regions”, “religion vs. religion” and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Politicians use prejudice at every opportunity to attract a block of potential voters. Preachers play on prejudice to build up congregations. In society there are many parts of the population that are both guilty of and targets of prejudice. It is destroying our nation.
It is in direct opposition to Christianity. Paul pointed out that in the eyes of God it made no difference about the economic status, racial status, or gender of a person. Those who wear the name Christian must avoid prejudice like the plague.

Sadly, prejudice is handed down from parent to child. If a politician can win a vote using it, they will freely put it into action, whether they kiss the donkey’s nose or elephant’s snout. It is as rampant today as it was in the turbulent years. Today it is even crueler because it is hidden behind the disguise of education. The worst that exists is prejudice against Jews and Christians.
What can we do about it ?  Expose it for what it is when we see it. We can let politicians know that we will not support any form of prejudice in their campaigns. We can let preachers know that they can’t preach hate for a class of people and love at the same time. We can let the educators know that we will not allow the degrading of any religion in the schools. We can leave newspapers in the racks that support any form of prejudice by their selection of coverage. This is something we can all easily sink our teeth into. For the sake of our children, we must put a stop to it now.

Dale C. Flowers      
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