Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UAB's New Transplant Clinic Designed By Patients

The new Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Clinic at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) is getting a "thumbs up" from patients. The new state of the art facility was designed with input from the Kidney Transplant Patient Advisory Council. Hospital staff made a smart move when they asked for the help of their patients. Who would know better what patients need pre- and post-transplant than patients themselves ?

UAB Obelisk
UAB Obelisk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Patients are happy because the new waiting room is comfortable, restrooms are convenient, and the exam rooms are private, more functional, and roomier. Additionally, they no longer have to walk two blocks to the Kirklin Clinic to have their labs drawn, because there is a lab onsite. The onsite lab also facilitates getting patients' lab results back quicker resulting in more efficient clinic visits.

UAB is one of the top-5 transplant centers in the country conducting more than 400 transplants each year. The Kidney and Pancreas Clinic does 250-300 transplants per year and is visited by more than 10,000 patients annually. Plus, UAB hospital does over 100 liver transplants, 25 heart transplants, and 25 lung transplants each year making UAB the largest transplant center in the southern U.S.

UAB saves and improves hundreds of lives each year. When I first learned I need a heart transplant over five years ago, they were the first transplant center which reviewed my case. However, the Lord worked things out, and I was able to have my transplant near home. Nothing against UAB, but I am grateful for that.

Source : article titled Patients Help Design New Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Clinic
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