Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Hawaii Transplant Center Completes First Transplants

Back in February, I shared a story about the lawmakers in the state of Hawaii coming together to do something good for their constituents. They passed a funding bill to transfer the transplant program at the recently closed Hawaii Medical Center to Queen's Medical Center. I was happy to learn several days ago that the new transplant program at Queen's has now conducted it's first life-saving transplants !!

Two men needing new livers received the first two transplants at the new facility. Both are doing well and looking forward to their new lives and spending more time with their families. Queen's Medical Center opening it's new transplant unit might not seem like a big deal, but to these two men and the 400 other Hawaiians waiting on life-saving organ transplants, it is a BIG deal. After Hawaii Medical Center closed its doors, there was not a single transplant center in Hawaii. It meant that unless they wanted to travel several hundred miles away from home, it was likely that most of the 400 Hawaiians waiting on transplants were likely to perish. Now, they've all got renewed hope.

Source - article titled New Transplant Center Celebrates Successful First Operations

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