Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Music Monday with The Newsboys

Here we are the day after Easter, and it's time for another "double shot" Music Monday. I'll be honest - I had planned a different "double shot" than what you are gonna see. I even had the blog post written and ready to go. I guess I'll save it for next month. The fact is that yesterday the Lord led me to change my original plans. He's got a way of doing that, you know.

Today's "double shot" will be of one of Christian music's most popular bands - The Newsboys. The band has gone through some transition in the last few years with the departure of long-time lead singer and founder Peter Furler and the addition of Michael Tait, formerly of dc Talk, to take his place. The two videos for today are of songs recorded during the Peter Furler era. Once the band releases some more videos during the Michael Tait era, I'll play some of them here on The Sheepdog, too. One video I'd really like to see the band produce is of "Save Your Life." It was one of the first singles the band released after the addition of Michael Tait. It may be one of their best ever.

Video number one today is of The Newsboys hit "Entertaining Angels." You can watch it by clicking here, or you can watch it below as it's embedded in this blog post. Video number two is of the band's hit worship song "He Reigns." It can be watched by clicking here or watching it below in this blog post, also. Enjoy. I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday.

Oh yeah - one other thing. Even though The Newsboys are not a hard rock or heavy metal band, it's o.k. to crank them up, too. There's no rule against Christians playing their music loud.

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