Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whiny Busch Throws Another Fit

Last Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race was held at Texas and won by Denny Hamlin. Hamlin's teammate, Kyle Busch a.k.a. Whiny, was up to his old tricks throwing another of his childish temper tantrums. However, this time he went to far.

Busch spun out and then pitted to change tires. In his haste to beat the pace car to the line to avoid going a lap down, he exceeded the pit road speed limit. NASCAR penalized him by making him come back to pit road where they held him for one lap. In the video of the incident, Busch is seen giving an "an obscene gesture" to the pit road official while being held for the penalty. After he left pit road for serving that penalty, NASCAR made him come to pit road again and held him for two more laps due to "the bird" to penalize him for "unsportsmanlike conduct." One of his crew members can be heard asking Whiny to knock it off because he's hurting the team.

It is time that either NASCAR or Joe Gibbs, Busch's car owner, did something about Busch's behavior. When he's winning races and things are going good, he's happy. However, if something doesn't go his way, he's an immature crybaby. It happens time and time again. Earlier in the year, Busch even had an altercation with Hamlin waiting outside Hamlin's hauler in order to "speak with him" after an on track incident between the two.

Kids across the country watch the races each week and Busch's actions Sunday set a bad example for them. He showed a complete lack of respect for authority. Basically, Busch got a speeding ticket and took it out on "the cop" instead of taking responsibility for his actions. We see similar stories every day. Professional athletes, politicians, and other prominent figures behave however they want without facing repercussions. It has to stop. They have to be held accountable.

If I had been Busch's car owner on Sunday, NASCAR would not have had to punish him for "unsportsmanlike conduct." I would have told him to park the car, turn in his uniform, go home, and to not bother coming back to the race shop because he was fired. In other words, "Don't let the door hit ya on the way out."
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