Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Research Shows Beards Have Benefits

Today's post contains some good "guy news." The other day I ran across an article discussing the health benefits of beards. Researchers in Australia have found that a mustache and full beard can block nearly 100% of the sun's rays leading to a reduction in the risk of skin cancer. For a heart transplant patient, such as myself who is at a higher risk for skin cancer development, I think that's some dang good news.

English: Male facial hair
English: Male facial hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The good news coming out of the study doesn't stop there, though. According to the article titled "Beards Make Men Healthier, Say Researchers" on, the researchers also found that :
  • shaving can lead to an increase in skin infections, hair follicle infections, and ingrown hairs,
  • shaving can aggravate acne and eczema,
  • facial hair limits the signs of aging, such as wrinkles,
  • facial hair aids in keeping your skin moisturized, and
  • a mustache acts as an "air filter" for allergens, such as dust and pollen.
So, we now know that besides being great insulation against the cold and wind on your face in the winter, facial hair has numerous other benefits, too. Beards are not only cool, but they are also good for you.

So, guys, the next time your wife / fiancee / girlfriend asks you to get rid of your mustache and / or beard, you can say, "Honey, scientists have learned that facial hair is good for me, because it has a number of great health benefits, including preventing skin cancer. Don't you want me to be healthy ?" You could also add, "Besides, The Sheepdog said so."

Yes, I know - she ain't gonna buy it anymore than my wife will, but hey - at least your argument made sense and made you look smart, right ?

She doesn't think so, huh ?

Dude, it sounds like you've got some serious issues. I'll pray for ya.  
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