Monday, June 25, 2012

R U A "Jesus Freak" ?

The Sheepdog's Music Monday's for June have consisted of one rock band after another. We started the month with Journey, then had a "double shot" of Bryan Adams, and then watched a Whitesnake video last week. So, to finish off the month, I felt like it was time to mix it up a bit - time to get "freaky."

At least once a month, I try to share a video from a Christian artist. Today is that day for the month of June, and the artist is one of Christian music's most popular, diverse, and talented bands. It's dc Talk. The featured video is of the band's smash hit - "Jesus Freak."

"Jesus Freak" was recorded on the band's 1995 album of the same name. It may be the band's best known song containing a mix of hard rock, hip hop, and grunge. The song's lyrics are about religious persecution and won the band three Dove Awards - 1996 Song of the Year, 1996 Rock Recorded Song of the Year, and 1997 Short Form Music Video of the Year.  The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here. Enjoy.

Next Monday, The Sheepdog will start a special series of Music Mondays that will last the entire month of July. It'll be called "Jammin' July." During Music Mondays in July, all the music videos will feature my favorite Southern Rock Bands. It's gonna be awesome !! Don't miss them.
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