Friday, June 29, 2012

Power Ball Numbers and ObamaCare

Well, ladies and gentlemen I hate to say, "I told you so ....", but, "I told you so." On Wednesday, I predicted that the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) would NOT strike down ObamaCare. I did so because of SCOTUS' decision to gut Arizona's controversial SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration law. Their SB 1070 decision was the handwriting on the wall that ObamaCare would be upheld. I also said that I thought "... the best we could hope for was for a portion of it (ObamaCare) to be held unconstitutional." I nailed that, too, but it doesn't help us much. Apparently, Progressivism has now infected SCOTUS in addition to Congress and the White House.

Health care systems and single payer
Health care systems and single payer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, what does it all mean ? Well, if you've read some of my other posts on ObamaCare, you know it means we're headed down the road to a single-payer system like Canada and England have. It means long waits for surgeries and appointments with your doctor. It means that ultimately healthcare will be rationed and the elderly and folks with disabilities and pre-existing conditions will be denied care, because it's too expensive. It also means that the budget deficit will grow by leaps and bounds. If you think the country is broke now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Mr. Romney is talking about repealing ObamaCare if elected to the presidency. Really ? ObamaCare was modeled after the RomneyCare debacle that he signed into law while governor of Massachusetts. He loves government-run health care regardless of what he says. He has flip-flopped on issues more than a largemouth bass does with a hook in its lip. If you actually believe Romney will repeal ObamaCare, then maybe I can hook you up with a great piece of ocean front property in Arizona. Think about it - it'd be great. You might even get to hang out with that state's knuckleheaded Republican Governor Jan Brewer once you're there

Whew - I feel better. I've vented. Now, if I could just come up with the winning PowerBall numbers for tomorrow night as easily as I predicted what SCOTUS would do. That would be awesome. Only problem would be that "Uncle Barry" would take at least half of my winnings.

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