Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Support the Home Team, Part 2 - Robert Fields for Tennessee House District 57

As a long-time resident of Wilson county, I understand the needs and concerns of all District 57 citizens. I have seen our county progress from the sleepy tract of land east of Nashville to suburbia and its fast-paced lifestyle. In order to continue that pattern of growth, District 57 needs someone with business experience, leadership skills, the ability to work bi-partisan and with a vision for the future. I possess those qualities along with others needed to serve you in the Tennessee Legislature.

Being the only retiree in the GOP primary, I am able to devote 100% of my time representing YOU. Living on a fixed pension has equipped me with the knowledge of the budgeting process; if you do not have it, you cannot spend it. I also learned that lesson in business, where I prepared and managed multi-million dollar budgets for a Fortune 500 company. I have the proven experience necessary to face budget and revenue shortfalls. Being retired afforded my wife and I the opportunity to relocate to wherever we desired. After checking locations from the east coast to the west coast, we decided there is no better place than Tennessee; it was our choice to remain here. With a few eliminations in our tax laws, i.e., Hall Tax on Investments and Interest , our state could become a haven for numerous other retirees. We offer all things that retirees are seeking. The repeal of the Hall Tax will be a priority with me. The revenues generated by an influx of retirees would offset any revenue shortfall created by the elimination of the Hall tax.

As the only honorably discharged veteran in the Republican primary, I know firsthand what it means to defend the liberties and freedoms upon which this democratic republic was founded. I find it appalling when veterans return from serving and protecting our nation cannot find employment. One of my priorities as your representative will be legislation that offers incentives to businesses that hire veterans.

I am the only candidate who attended the recent seminar on the United States Constitution. I stand firmly against; any form of tax legislation, taxpayer funded abortions, and targeted entitlements. As a Christian conservative, it is God's challenge to be a good steward of what HE has provided; I accept the challenge.

So who am I? Robert Fields; 61 years old, father of 2, grandfather of 4. A product of public education and alumnus of South Georgia College and the University of Georgia, I also did additional study at the Bantle Institute of Syracuse University. I am neither a politician nor an attorney, only a concerned citizen who seeks to make a difference. I invite you to visit my website: for additional information. Vote to hire me on August 5th.

F iscal Responsibility
I mmigration Reform and Control
E conomic Development and Growth
L ow Taxes/Less Government
D efender of our Constitution
S econd Amendment rights
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