Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bride, 22, now planning her wedding instead of funeral

I received an e-mail from a friend yesterday containing a link to a story titled, Bionic Heart Keeps Bride, 22, Alive, which appeared on NBC's Today Show. It's about a young woman, Ally Smith, sick with heart disease who's fiancee asked her to marry him after she got deathly ill. He simply wouldn't go away. She needs a heart transplant, but thanks to an artificial heart pump implanted in Ally to buy her time, they are now planning their wedding instead of preparing for her funeral.

Please read the entire story. It's one of those that doesn't come around too often that makes you feel really good. I'm hoping and praying Ally gets her "second chance" through the gift of a heart transplant and that the couple has many, happy, quality years together. In this age of few people keeping commitments, it's good to see two 20-somethings living up to their's.
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The Contemplative Mama said...

Great story and video!!! The heart pump is incredible and I pray she is able to get the heart transplant she needs.