Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My experience with socialized medicine - part 2

Today's post is a follow-up to the one I did on December 18, 2009 telling of my experience with the current U.S. version of socialized medicine, Medicare. I shared the frustrations I had experienced as well as the poor customer service I had received. Up until December 31, 2009, I was enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan by Humana. I ended my relationship with them due to their poor service and hoped switching to a different carrier in 2010 would fix the problem. Unfortunately, it did not.

The problems I experienced with the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan seem to be system-wide. The new plan I am under has lousy customer service, too. Last week, I spent six (6) days trying to get a prior authorization for my Cellcept (an immunosuppressant) completed. The nutty thing is that when I got it a month ago everything was fine. Transplant patients know we will be on these drugs the rest of our lives. They are a medical necessity so why does Medicare need a prior authorization every month ?? My doctor's office sent them one set of forms and then Medicare turns around and says, "We need these forms, too." So, my doctor's office does the additional forms and sends them in. Then, Medicare says, "We need you to note on the second set whether the transplant was paid for by Medicare." Um, hello government morons, that's in the files you already have. Get off your lazy butts and look in them !! Fortunately, the pharmacy was nice enough to give me enough of the medication to last until the bureacratic nightmare was over. Otherwise, I would have been in rejection simply because a bunch of bureacrats were too lazy to pull their head out of their @#$.

The final vote on ObamaCare in the U.S. House of Representatives is supposed to be this week. If it becomes law, it's only a matter of time before every American will be on a Medicare-like plan of socialized medicine and having the same lousy experiences that I've had. Plus, think about the fact that the Federal Government runs ......
All that being said, do you really want them running your health care ?? The 2000+ bill currently being considered in Congress is not "health care reform." It is a health care takeover. It doesn't take a 2000 page bill to tweak and fix the current problems we have, such as folks being un-insured due to pre-existing conditions. The only reason Congress would need that big of a bill is for a complete takeover. If you agree and you don't won't that happening then you better contract your Congressperson today (click here to find out how) and make your voice heard.
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