Monday, March 22, 2010

"Fundamental Transformation" of U.S. health care system now a reality

Last night, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats achieved their goal. By a margin of 219-212, including Tennessee District 5 Congressman Jim Cooper, the Constitution-disregarding-Socialists voted to began the complete overhaul of the best health care system in the world. For months, Obama, Pelosi, and the Sociali-crats have been blaming the Republicans and others for being the party of "No." All of that was nothing but spin. The responsibility for the health care and economic boondoggle that will follow this vote lies completely upon the Democratic party. Why ?? Because the Republicans have no power. They are significantly in the minority and had no voice in this debacle.

The roll call as to how each member of the House voted is available on The New York Times website.
Even though George W. screwed some things up, I think I can honestly answer this question with a resounding YES !!
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Sherrie said...

One thing about it.....with no republicans voting for it...this is going to be ALL the Democrats fault. I can't wait till November to VOTE them out. WE must do that.
I intend to work for whoever wins the primary against Cooper. I have never disliked and been so utterly disgusted with a representative as I have been of that pompous weasel. I know with his cushy democrat constituency that will be a mighty hard task. But, we must give it our best efforts.