Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kiffin punked UT

Jon Gruden
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I did not hear the news about Lane Kiffin's resignation as University of Tennessee (UT) football coach to take the USC job until this morning. As a UT alum, I was first shocked, then ticked. I felt the program had made a lot of progress this season and felt like things would only get better in years to come. Kiffin seemed to be dedicated to building the program and the players were rallying around him, learning his system. and building confidence. Then, last night he yanked the rug out from under them. Those young men trusted him. He let them down and basically stabbed them in the back. Man ... was I and thousands of other Tennessee fans wrong. He was just killing time until something better came along.

He basically decided not to fullfill his commitment. It happens too often. It's got to where a person's word ain't worth crap. UT offered him a substantial amount of money to coach there for a number of years and he accepted. They had an agreement - a commitment. He didn't keep his end of the deal. Pathetic. The question in my mind is, since he pulled this stunt at UT, why does USC think he won't stab them in the back at some point in the future ??

Two weeks after UT hired Kiffin last year, Jon Gruden was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I heard that a few years ago he expressed an interest in UT's head coaching job. He reportedly already has a home in Knoxville plus ties to UT - he coached there years ago and his wife is an alum and former UT cheerleader. Plus .... Gruden has a Super Bowl ring from his days of coaching the Bucs.

YO .... Mike Hamilton .... CALL GRUDEN NOW .... TODAY !!!
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Dale said...

I agree -- young coaches with a huge ego and tons of ambition are a dangerous hire. But his "dream job" came open and he grabed it. Prediction -- USC will also regret the day.

da ole biker Dale -- enjoying a Recycled Life -- Thanks Taylor
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