Monday, January 4, 2010

Brand name meds vs. Generic meds

In November, Fox News Houston did a story concerning the brand name vs. generic medication issue. The story (read here) shows once again that there are often differences between the two, and that these differences can lead to serious consequences for the patient. Neve, 10-years old, went from averaging 10 seizures a day while on a brand name epilepsy drug to 40 a day when she was switched to a generic without her parents knowledge, let alone their consent. Why ?? So the insurance company could save money. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why everything is this country has become "all about the Benjamins ??" Somebody ?? Why did a little girl have to suffer because of this issue ?? I'd love to know which insurance company was involved.

In the last year, many of you will remember that I've been involved in a piece of legislation here in Tennessee regarding the substitution of generic immunosuppressants for brand names for transplant recipients. In fact, some may be asking, "Why are you continuing to kick this horse ??" Because the issue has not been resolved. It's a safety issue not only for transplant recipients but also for people suffering from other ailments. As long as the wolves (the pharmacy association and the insurance companies) continue to fight the legislation and refuse to do the right thing, The Second Chance Sheepdog will continue to fight them on behalf of the sheep. That's what sheepdogs do.

Grrrrrrrrrr .......
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