Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transplant Zeros - Part 2

Zero time !! Today, I'm gonna issue the "Double Zero" award. The winner is ....... Tennessee Donor Services (TDS). Before I get into that, I will say they have helped many people, including myself, live quality lives by putting donated organs and tissues and needy recipients together. For that I am grateful. However, the last year has seen them treat "Transplant Heroes" badly in one instance and not stick up for them in another. Hence, they get the "Double Zero" award.

First, think back two days ago when I gave Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen the zero. During the fiasco with his horrible PSA, I contacted TDS on numerous occasions asking them to get involved and get the PSA pulled. I felt like that was something they should do for the donor families. If the local OPO is not gonna look out for these heroes, who is ?? My feeling was that TDS should have put Bredesen's feet to the fire and dogged him until that PSA was stopped and an apology was issued. They did not get it done. The PSA continued to run, and run, and run some more and no apology was issued. I don't know if they were scared of Bredesen or worried about making him look bad or what, but let's face it - they don't have to worry about making Bredesen look bad because he's perfectly capable of doing that just fine on his own. In this instance, TDS appeared to treat donor families like most car dealers treat their customers - once the transaction is completed, you're on your own. In this transplant recipient's opinion, that's unacceptable. Therefore, the first zero.

Secondly, TDS' treatment of the heroes I spoke of yesterday, Misty, Janet, and Jennifer, was at the very least unprofessional. These three were dedicated, loyal, hardworking employees. They went in early, stayed late, and worked weekends. I saw it with my own eyes. They're committed to the cause of organ donation. It is their passion. Misty and Janet were run off in September 2008 and Jennifer in June 2009. Why ?? The volunteers were told it was "performance related" which makes no sense based upon what we had witnessed. The volunteers know there is only one word for their performance - "excellent." The whole thing is a shame because TDS lost three of the greatest assets the cause of organ donation has ever known.

Therefore, one zero plus a second zero nets TDS "The Double Zero (00) Award." Way to go TDS. You should be proud. Maybe Obama will reward you with a bailout or stimilus check.
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misty armour said...


Thanks for trying to make me feel better about having to leave a job I loved! Although they did everything they could to run me out of there I made the choice to leave because I could no longer watch and be a part of the unethical, unprofessional, uncaring behavior that was going on there.

I do miss my job because of all the volunteers that made it so wonderful but I am better for knowing you all! =)