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The University of Sodom and Gomorrah

Late last week, I learned via an e-mail from that my alma mater, The University of Tennessee (in Knoxville) would be holding it's first ever "Sex Week" in April. You can read the entire shocking report by clicking here.

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As a UT alumnus, who happens to be a Christian Conservative, I was appalled at what I read in the report. It bothered me that my alma mater was holding this week of immorality, but I was also ticked that it was being paid for with taxpayer funding and student fees. I suspect the students had no voice in approving or disapproving their fees being used for this crap. I'm sure there are many in the student body who disapprove.

So, a couple of days ago, I forwarded the e-mail below to the Tennessee State Senators and State Representatives who represent the Knoxville area. I also copied the UT President.

Dear Knoxville-area State Representatives and State Senators,

I grew up in Knoxville, but now live in Mt. Juliet, TN. In December 1992, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee with a major in accounting.  In 1997, I completed the requirements for the CPA designation.

Over the last several years, a number of things occurring at UT have concerned me as an alumnus and a Tennessean, including dozens of male athletes having run-ins with the law, the mens basketball team’s scandal, and several other things. Each incident has left the university with a black eye and its alumni embarrassed. These incidents have shown a lack of discipline and character within the athletic program and the UT administration turned a blind eye to all of it. As I explain below, these problems have now infected the rest of the student body in a manner that pales in comparison to the aforementioned problems within the athletic department. Something needs to be done.   

In my opinion, UT has a deep-rooted, university-wide problem in the form of a lack of any moral compass. For example, last fall, the big news from UT was the “butt chugging incident” where a UT student was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning leading to one of the campus fraternities being suspended. In my opinion, none of the punishment handed out for this incident was severe enough, and it’s likely some criminal penalties should have been handed out, too. If experimenting with ways to get drunk quicker is what the kids at UT are spending their time doing and learning nowadays, then apparently their course work is not pushing them hard enough.  

However, what really has me concerned about UT as an alumnus and taxpaying Tennessean is a news report I saw the other day. Apparently, UT will soon be holding its first annual “Sex Week.” If you are not familiar with it, you can read all the details at this link. The report is what has necessitated this letter.

The report says “Sex Week” events will include a scavenger hunt for a “golden condom,” a drag show, a workshop about oral sex, promotion of homosexuality, and other immoral sexual behavior that is so shameful that I would be embarrassed to even type it out here. Furthermore, the week’s activities are being hosted by a so-called “lesbian bondage expert” and the whole thing is being paid for by student fees, university money, and university grants. In other words, these activities are being paid for by taxpayer money. I find that completely unacceptable.

Additionally in the linked article above, a UT student named Brianna Rader, supposedly one of the founders of “Sex Week,” stated, “This is one way people can get a better sense of what others in Tennessee and this region of the country are about.” Really ? Is this really what we want Tennessee to be known for ? I think not. I’m not sure where Miss Rader is from, but I can assure you she is mistaken if she thinks the promotion of immoral, deviant sexual behavior is what Tennesseans want. As a UT alum and native of East Tennessee, I take serious offense to her characterizing my alma mater and the region of the country I grew up in as approving of such. Rader also stated that the UT administration is “overwhelmingly supportive of Sex Week.” The administration should be setting the example for the students, but in this case they are enabling the immorality. I have never been so ashamed and embarrassed to be a UT alum in all my life.

Furthermore, if such a “Sex Week” had been held while I was attending UT and paid for by student fees and taxpayer money, I would have transferred to another university at the end of the semester it occurred in. Student fees and tuition are supposed to be spent to educate the student and help them work toward obtaining their degree and preparing them for their career, not promoting immoral sexual behavior. I have also spoken to a number of other UT alumni in the Nashville area about this, and they feel the same way.

I am not only a UT alumnus and Knoxville native, but I am a Christian, too. The bible teaches that the immoral behavior being promoted during “Sex Week” is sinful. Based upon what the article said, it appears that no topic is off limits during this event which makes me wonder if the university will soon be to changing its name to “The University of Sodom and Gomorrah.” Speaking of Sodom and Gomorrah, I wonder how quickly and how loudly the ACLU and others would have cried “foul” if instead UT had held a “Bible Week” paid for by student fees and university funds ?

If UT students have so much time on their hands that they can participate in “butt chugging” and “Sex Week,” then UT is not adequately preparing them for their careers. They are not receiving the education and skills they will need to tackle the problems that confront our state and our country currently and in the future. In other words, the UT president and the rest of the administration is not getting the job done we taxpayers pay them to do. Therefore, it is time to fire the entire administration and replace them with people who will prepare the students for such challenges.

I have four nephews and two nieces who will be going to college one day. In fact, my wife and I have started college funds for each of them in order to help pay their way. The “Sex Week” embarrassment is the last straw for me. When it comes time for my nephews and nieces to pick a college, I will exert all the influence I can to make sure that none of them attend college in Knoxville.

I hope that people in authority at UT will reconsider and stop “Sex Week.” However, if they choose not to, then I trust that you, the elected State Representatives and State Senators for the Knoxville area, will step in and stop this misuse and immoral waste of taxpayer money. If UT has a funding surplus to the extent that it can spend it on “Sex Week,” then funding to the school needs to be cut substantially.

“Sex Week” is unacceptable and the ones with the authority to approve it should be held accountable. The UT student body, UT alumni, and the taxpayers of the state of Tennessee deserve better.

Johnny Black

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Carmack Statue -- Tennessee State Capitol Building Nashville (TN) 2011 (Photo credit: Ron Cogswell)
I have heard back from a couple of the elected officials I contacted. They basically said they would look into it. I hope they were not just pacifying me and live up to their word. If you are a Tennessee taxpayer or UT alumnus, I would like to encourage you to speak up and voice your displeasure, too. I have listed the e-mail addresses of the the elected officials I contacted, as well as that of the UT President below to make it convenient for you to copy and paste them into an e-mail.

Rep. Joe Armstrong -
Rep. Harry Brooks -
Rep. Bill Dunn -

Rep. Gloria Johnson -
Rep. Steve Hall -
Rep. Ryan Haynes -
Rep. Roger Kane -

Sen. Randy McNally -
Sen. Becky Massey -
Sen. Stacey Campfield -

UT President Joe DiPietro -

I'm sure I will take some heat over this blog post from the Libs who desire for the morals of this country to continue to degrade. Bring it on, I say, but please note - as long as the Good Lord continues to bless me with a pulse and the strength to draw a breath, I will stand for what's right even if I'm the only one doing it. I answer to Him and Him alone (Exekiel 33:1-9 (NIV)).

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