Monday, February 11, 2013

Skillet Goes Platinum

On January 29, 2013, I received my weekly CCM Magazine e-mail newsletter. In it, I learned that the most recent album of one of my favorite bands, Skillet, had reached a milestone. Skillet's album Awake reached platinum status (over 1 million copies sold) in 2012. In fact, the newsletter's article titled "Dual Platinum Certifications for Skillet; New Project Set for Spring 2013 Release" stated that (click here to read article in it's entirety) :
... Skillet was the only active rock band to achieve platinum certification in 2012, and were one of only three rock bands (the other two being Mumford and Sons and the Black Keys) to strike platinum status in 2012.
Cover of
Cover of Awake
That's a pretty impressive accomplishment for Skillet. So, since The Sheepdog hasn't run a Music Monday in nearly a month, I thought we'd celebrate Skillet's milestone today by featuring one of their singles from Awake.

The song I've chose is "Lucy" which tells the story of a young couple who choose abortion when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The song talks about their thoughts and emotions afterwards. It's a thought provoking song and worth a listen. I primarily chose this song for today, because "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday" was observed just a couple of weeks ago.

As always, the video is embedded below, or it can be watched on Skillet's website by clicking here.

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