Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review - The Christmas Sweater

I'm a Glenn Beck fan, but I don't always agree with him. He can be controversial, but the thing I really like about the guy is that you don't have to wonder about where he stands on an issue. He speaks his mind telling you what he thinks whether you like it or not. I often wish more people would do the same.

While waiting at the doctor's office yesterday, I finished up one of his books - The Christmas Sweater. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the book when I started it, but at the end, I was glad I had read it. A couple of lines in the book have stuck with me. One was entertaining and one made me think. They are :
  • Starting on page 152 and carrying over to 153 - There is a story about a neighbor's house being broken into and how all the neigbors showed up with their guns and held the burglar until police arrive. A cop says to the burglar, "This has got to be the safest road in the county. These people would give the shirt off their backs or the bullets out of their guns for each other." The folks in the doctors office all looked at me when I started laughing after reading that. Loved it !!
  • On page 154 - There are a couple of lines here that have stuck with me and made me think. The first one is, "When you choose the path, you choose the destination." Another one said, "All journeys, for good or evil, begin with one small step." Both of these lines are about personal responsibility and accountability. Chew on them for awhile and let them sink it. I'm still chewing on them and may be doing so for while.
These are only a couple of the highlights from the book. There are plenty more. The book will make you laugh as well as touch you and make you think. The Christmas Sweater is a good story and great read. It's also a fairly quick read because of the larger print it contains. You can generally get a copy for about $10 or less. At that price, I recommend it to everyone. Get yourself a copy.
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