Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Monday on "Gypsy Road"

For about two months, The Sheepdog has toned down the volume on Music Mondays. However, today he needs a metal fix, so instead of Music Monday, it will be a Metal Monday. The featured band is one of my favorites from the '80s - Cinderella.

Today is Cinderella's second appearance on this blog. I featured them the first time back in February 2011, shortly after beginning this series. Then, I featured my favorite Cinderella song "The Last Mile." Today I feature my 2nd favorite and another of Cinderella's hard-driving, fast and loud tunes. It's "Gypsy Road."

Cinderella recorded "Gypsy Road" on their 1988 album Long Cold Winter, their most successful album. I was fortunate to see Cinderella play in Knoxville, TN during their Long Cold Winter Tour supporting the album. That concert remains one of the best, and loudest, I have ever experienced. Today's video is embedded below and can also be watched by clicking here. Crank it up and enjoy.

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