Monday, November 12, 2012

Post-Election Day Music Monday with "Odes to the GOP"

Well, the election is over. Some are happy. Many are disappointed with most of those being members of the GOP. Today, as I did after the August primaries, Music Monday is dedicated to the election losers. The only difference is that since it's the second Monday of the month, and therefore a double shot Monday, instead of an "ode", I'm calling it "Odes to the GOP."

As I thought about what music to feature today, I wanted it to be something kinda dark and gloomy. I thought of a band who has not appeared here on Music Monday before. Furthermore, neither has any band in their genre of music. The band is the grunge band Soundgarden. Personally, I would classify them as "grunge metal." Today's songs and videos are two of their best known ballads from their chart-topping 1994 album Superunknown.

The first song and video is of "Black Hole Sun." Its lyrics are kinda dark and surreal making it perfect for today's "ode" theme. The video is really good. You may even get a laugh or two out of some of the characters within. The song spent seven weeks at #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart after its release. It also earned a Grammy Award in 1995 for Best Hard Rock Performance. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Today's second song, "Fell on Black Days," also contains rather gloomy lyrics making it perfect for today's theme, also. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

The GOP has indeed "fell on black days." I told many that Romney would not beat Obama, because their records were too similar. I was right, and I hope the powers-that-be within the party, and others, got the message that was sent to them last Tuesday. Voters said very clearly that if you continue to give us progressive, big government-loving presidential nominees, instead of conservatives, you will continue to lose every four years.

Cause I fell on black days, 
I fell on black days.
How would I know,
That this could be my fate.

In the meantime, while the GOP is crying in its beer, the rest of us will, as I said last Monday, "Keep Rockin' In the Free World." Enjoy today's music.
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