Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sheepdog sabbatical update #1

Today marks four weeks since I began my "Sheepdog Sabbatical" from this blog, so I thought I'd post an update. I'm happy to report that I am making some progress on getting the "new project" off the ground. However, the progress is inching along slower than I anticipated. I'm beginning to wonder if the slow pace is the Lord's way of teaching me patience and encouraging me to wait on Him.

I know I am heading in the right direction and that things will move more quickly once two key pieces of the "project" are in place. I also know that it is a worthy endeavor with great potential for making a good, needed, and lasting difference in my community, my state, and the country I love that has given me so much. I am a very blessed man and know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be alive today and have this opportunity if I had been born anywhere but the U.S.A.

I would appreciate your prayers as I continue to move forward. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


my2ndheartbeat said...

Hey Sheepdog,

Glad to hear from you and glad your project is moving forward.

Miss hearing from you, but glad to read this update.

Be safe my friend.

God Bless!

DAP @ My2ndHeartBeat

The Second Chance Sheepdog said...


Thanks for touching base. I greatly appreciate your support and friendship. Pray for me as I move forward.